Drinking Games > Octopussy Drinking Game



This one is very easy to learn but if you are like my friends you have the attention span of a 2 year old. Be patiend and try it out.


Sit in a circle and pick someone to start. Start counting from 1 – 20. The person who says “One” must tap his/her left or right shoulder. The person to that side must say “Two” in the same fashion. Do this all the way up to 7. The person who is on 8 must say “octopussy” (or octo- and another word for pussy) and must put one arm over the other (Like I dream of genie style). The arm on the top will be pointing the left or the right. Whichever direction the top arm points to, the person to that side must continue with “Nine” in the same fashion as 1-7. The person who says “Ten” must point to someone and say “Ten.” From 11-15 continue in the same way as 1-7 (tapping your shoulder). On 16 you do the same thing as 8 (say octopussy) but this time the bottom of the overlapping hands is the one to follow. Continue from 17-19 in the same fashion as 1-7. On 20 you point to a person of your choice and say “Twenty.” That person must come up with a new rule and you start over obeying all the basic rules and all the added rules. If you screw up you drink. I know this sounds complicated but realyl is not. It is a fun game to play in a group of 6 or 7 and will keep you entertained. ENJOY! (Hint: start slow but then try to pick up the pase really fast so it gets more challenging!)

Thanks to Jason Baker for this game.

Drinking Games > Circle of Death II



These are the Circle of Death rules that I was brought up with. A lot different from the other version listed but it will still screw you up after one game.


The rules are as follows. The cards are laid out face down in a circle and overlapping one another. someone draws a card and can only use one hand to draw. The results for the cards are as follows:

2’s, 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s the person that drew that card has to take that many drinks.

6’s, 7’s, 8’s, adn 9’s the person that drew that card needs to give out that many drinks.

A 10 is a social or a waterfall.

Jack: Everyone needs to do an “I Never” (we should all be familar with that game)

Queen: This is the most complicated one. Teh person that drew the card asks someone a question. If they answer the question they drink. To keep from drinking they need to ask someone else a question until someone answers. basically you have a lot of random questions flying around the table and eventually someone will accidently answer and drink.

King: This is a catagory. Someone names a catogory like types of drinks or sexual positions. You go around the table until someone can’t think of something in that catagory. The first person who can’t think of something in that catagory drinks.

Ace: Here is where the game gets interesting. Whoever draws an Ace can make up any rule they want to. That rule is in effect until either the end of the game or until the next Ace is drawn. If another Ace is drawn the current ace rule can be revoked and a new one made up. Or you can now have two rules making more people drink more often. Everytime a rule is broken the guilty must take a drink.

Breaking the circle: When the cirlce is broken the guilty person must finish thier drink. If you play with the one break rule only the first person to break the circle finishes thier drink. If you play with the two break rule the second person to break the circle also finishes thier drink ect. ect.

Ending the game: The game ends after every card is drawn or you run out of booze (this can be done depending on what the ace rules are).

Enjoy. Get hammered.